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Alarm Installers and Dealers

KeepYourIP™ understands the installers/dealers perspective and needs so please feel free to contact us anytime for more information or assistance.

6 Reasons for having your own IP address:

  1. To be able to move your alarm panels to another central station if one underperforms and not have to worry about delays and the inconvenience in lost time to make the move.
  2. To be able to make changes from the control of your fingertips if the Central Station ever decides to change their ISP’s (Internet Service Providers). Because the majority of Central Stations are given IP addresses by their ISP’s and then handed to you, but there is no guarantee or commitment from the Central Station that they have to keep any IP addresses for the alarm dealer.
  3. To increase value for your company so that if you ever decide to sell or partition a territory of your client base you will be able to do so without incurring any cost or man hours to make changes for the company that is purchasing your account base. This is important because more than likely the purchasing company will not be using the same Central Station as you are.
  4. It is important to build a consistency in your monthly recurring cost, especially in a time of economic crisis. Having a budget and knowing what it will cost for your alarm panels to communicate to your central station no matter how many panels you install is critical. Toll Free numbers are usage and distant sensitive, where an IP address doesn’t care and is the same price no matter where your central station is located or how many panels you install on it.
  5. IP is a more reliable and stable communication unlike the traditional method of switched toll free numbers that are being delivered over an LCR (Least Call Routing) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network. IP is also available in more areas like homes and businesses, than the analog and voice services you are currently using.
  6. To be in a position of control and independence, for this company is your baby, and you deserve to have that ownership and destiny of who monitors your clients alarm panels.

Let KeepYourIP™ give the power back to you.