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Each Collocated Facility has direct access to three different ISP Backbones (Level 3, CenturyLink, and XO) with a combined GB of Internet access. KeepYourIP™ collocated facilities have side-by-side network LAN’s (Local Area Network) with a managed Cisco Router, Switch, and Servers to assure complete equipment fail-over in the event of equipment malfunction for complete redundancy. All KeepYourIP™ Collocated Facilities are UL Certified.

17836 Gillette Avenue, Irvine, CA

KeepYourIP™’s west coast secondary server site sits inside the Savvis OC2 data center, located in Irvine, CA. Savvis is a Tier 1 ISP managing its own global OC-192 network providing interconnection to every major data center around the world.

Using only the most advanced physical security measures, Savvis prides itself on having cutting-edge, multi-level physical security in all of their data centers to ensure that the KYIP infrastructure is not compromised.

Their standard Data Center physical security measures include:

  • On-premise security guards
  • Security systems on the building exterior: cameras, false entrances, vehicle blockades, customized parking lot designs, bulletproof glass/walls and unmarked buildings
  • Biometric systems, including palm scanners
  • Numerous security cameras with digital recorders
  • Portals and person-traps that authenticate only one person at a time

Besides the advanced security measures, the Savvis OC2 data center also features sophisticated HVAC, fire suppression and seismic engineering capabilities continually protect this site from natural and man-made catastrophes.

5775 Kearney Villa Rd, San Diego, CA

Our main west coast server hosting site sits in the immense operations of Scale Matrix in San Diego.

Using almost 100,000 square feet of space, ScaleMatrix takes an infrastructure-based approach to providing best-in-class hosting solutions to clients at every stage of their IT Lifecycle development.

Known as Green Giant Data Center, it was first opened to the San Diego market in 2011. With industry leading density capabilities and an unmatched security offering comprised of armed guards and biometrically secured colocation cabinets, ScaleMatrix has garnered clients from a number of key industries including finance, healthcare, and gaming by providing more capabilities and flexibility than was previously available in this regional market.

By investing heavily in both facilities and personnel, and developing strategic relationships with critical hardware, software, and support service vendors they have provided us with industry leading solutions which include design, deployment, and ongoing management as part of their standard offering.